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Welcome One And All!

Are you a fan of different stories, or are you simply an author? This group is made specifically for those who love writing in general!

In this group, you're able to submit your own fiction/non-fiction for the world to see! If you don't write, then you can view!
This group also contains tips on making your writing better and more! Ask the staff and see what they think.

All requests in joining this group is open and automatically accepted, along with your stories! We encourage you to show the world your stories, whether it be short ones or chapters!

However, all of this comes with a price. We advise you to read the rules so you don't make everyone else's fun ruined:

1. Please be respectful to all of our authors, whether they be young or old.
2. Be creative! That's the number one thing on writing stories. Don't be afraid!
3. Don't be nervous about what we think. We won't leave any bad comments!
4. NO PLAGIARISM. Some of us have a problem with that. You're not a real writer if you steal.
5. Any story is fine, like personal narratives and such.
6. If you have adult writing, please submit it to the Adult folder.
7. You may submit an illustration with your story, but please, make sure it has writing. This isn't an art group, it's a writing group.

Feel free to affiliate with us!

If you wish to have a discussion, you can have it in our comments or our official chat room!
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Maras and Seth laid on the couch together, Seth was on top of Maras. Laying on his back. They were both relaxing, but Maras didn't look relaxed at all. He was looking uncomfortable and angry. "Seth?" Maras said with a low growl. "Yes?" Seth replied.
"Where is son?"
"Outside, why?" Seth asked, curious. Then Seth smirked very faintly, about to kiss Maras on the lips. "Do you want to do things to-"
Maras stopped him by putting his hand on Seth's lips. "No." Seth was very confused, Maras never acted this way before in front of him. "I wanted to tell you something for a very long time now..." Maras paused and took a deep breath, "I'm done with you."

Seth's eyes became small, "Y-You're joking. R-Right..?" Maras pushed Seth off him, and got up. "I'm not joking Seth," He looked at Seth, eyes glowing red. "I never loved you.... I would of said something WAY sooner, but... I didn't know how to." Tears formed up in Seth's eyes. "So you thought it was a good idea to marry me!?" He yelled at Maras.

Maras flinched at those words, "I was afraid, I became blind." He sighed, "I've been dating another guy ever since I married you, or sorry way before I married you." The tears went down Seth's cheeks, he stood up and punched Maras in the left cheek bone and a bit of his nose. His nose started to bleed.

"I deserved that," Maras spoke quietly.

"Who is this other man!?" Seth growled.

"I'm not telling you his name, but I now remember who I really am. I'm Maras Kelbra, from the timeline I died in that timeline, and became a skeleton, and was summoned here. My brother Locus, is not my real brother...."

"Why do you hate me!? I did nothing-"

"You BULLIED me when I was younger, tortured, and used me. yes that's the past, but I will never forgive you." Maras looked away, "I was never supposed to be with you, nor be married to you. But I messed up big time..." Maras started to walk towards the door, "I'm going to find my family, and be with my REAL boyfriend." Before he walked out, he turned around facing Seth. Taking off his ring and crushes it. "We're done." Maras walked out the door, waving bye.

Seth fell onto his knees, sobbing.
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If it's possible I would like to join this group, though it seems inactive.
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so do I just post my story? if so id like some feed back on it as my English is to write a story of my own, and I love writing stories
its a school for the students of fairy-tale characters (not copying Mattel or Disney). Augustus and Hansline Swete are the new students there, and just after a week or two they get bullied it starts off weak but gets stronger over time, they get bullied by the popular couple, Ash charming and Alcee white, maple ginger also thinks on catching Augustus and Hansline to for fill her destiny, that's only the first part, I guess you'll have to read to get a glimpse of what happens next. so I guessing that's what you do I have no idea I'm new to all of this deviantart stuff so bare with here, and another story is in process but ill share that when its done 
AngrySockPuppetNoise Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How do I become a member?
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hey anyone got any story ideas they would like to see me type up 
I need a way to get points without buying them I'm a broke high school student
Astragami-sama Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey everyone me and my friend are writing a original story called Khaos Wars. We have posted three parts on DA so far and we were hoping some of you could read it and become beta readers. This is the first story we have ever written so hope you like it. :) (Smile) 

"Summary of the stoty: One random schoolday Koizumi Aika is approached by the class president Moriyama Emiko who is adored by everyone... except Aika. Unfortunately ignoring Emiko's warnings will cost everyone dearly. Nothing could have prepared Aika for what the cruel hand of fate had in stock for her. 
Should you listen to your heart, or follow your pre-determined path? What is really worth fighting for? And who will be the last ones standing in a world on fire?
A story about love, war, chaos, betrayal and leaning to understand one another despite of our differences."
artlover20012001 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Is this group active?
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Can I join please?
AndI please read my story:…
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Hello, I thought I'd submit my first chapters of my first story here but it has writing but then it has pictures so does there have to be writing in the pictures or just writing in general
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Just writing in general is good!
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